If you are experiencing problems with your product(s), please follow the following steps

  • Check your Product(s) and make sure it is still under warranty. Check if your Product(s) belongs to one of the incidents stated in disclaimer above. If it does, then the warranty automatically stands void.
  • Contact Corvi authorized seller/retailer where you purchased the Product(s) for warranty replacement (you must send back your Product(s) to authorized seller/retailer/distributor for warranty replacement).
  • Corvi India Pvt Ltd reserves the rights to trade its products on ecommerce platforms. No vendor / retailer is licensed to sell Corvi products online. In case of replacements Corvi will not support any warranty claim if bought from any other retailer / vendor.

The Product(s) returned will be tested. If the Product(s) are determined to be defective, a tested functional module will be sent back to you. If the Product(s) are determined to be functional, the original module or an equivalent/better module will be sent back to you instead.

Product returned without a valid proof of purchase will either be refused or returned to user at the user's own expense. Corvi is not liable for loss or damage to product returns that do not conform to this warranty policy. Once the Product is received with a valid proof of purchase, subject to the terms of this warranty policy being satisfied, the Product will be replaced within 7 working days. Product may not be replaced if it is non-standard, made-to-order, or manufactured to user’s specific design or specification (including units with non-standard components or accessories). All Products returned are subject to inspection and would not be refurbished/ re-sold.